My name is Michael and this is my personal playground in the world wide web. Feel free to contact me for any questions.
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Why did I choose FreshKiwi.net?
I just think a kiwi is a gorgeous fruit, even though, or perhaps because, I am allergic to it! I also hope it is easy to memorize, so you find the way back one day :)

Digital Work

FreshKiwi on Youtube

The Freshkiwi.net channel

FreshKiwi on Thingiverse

3D printing projects

Travel Photo Gallery

500+ random photo impressions

Star Citizen Resources

Useful link database for the verse

Logo Design

Unique graphic designs

Webdesign History

My webdesign work from 2000 to 2006

Other Work

3D design and visualizations

Sim & Scale Racing

Race.Vision by FreshKiwi

Sim racing, slot cars & drones

Sim Racing

Introduction of my sim rig

Slotcar Track

Modified Carrera Digital 143

Slotcar Projects

3D printed Curbs & Co

House & Garden Projects


Power of the Sun

Heat Pump Experience

Efficiency charts and other statistics

DIY Solar Water Heater

Simple setup to heat up the pool

Smart Home

Efficiency by automation

DIY Salt Water Pool

Small salt pool installation

DIY Smart Pool Thermometer

Cheap temperature measurement

DIY Irrigation System

Autonomous garden watering


MG4 E-Mobility

Experience, tips & tricks

Folding Bike Touring

Bike and gear information

VW-Porsche 914/4

My project from 2006 to 2015

Other Stuff

Educational Stuff

Playful games for primary school kids

3x3 Card Game

A simple tournament card game

3D Printing filament storage

DIY filament box

Anycubic Vyper 3D Printer

Experience, tips & tricks

Dartblaster - Tournament Apps

Apps, Tools, Tips & Tricks

FPV Drones

My little drone history

Bomaker GC555 2019

Review of a cheap video projector